Fidel Lino Cataldi, an Italo-Argentine artist, has a degree in Architecture and Fine Arts from the National University of Rosario – Argentina. He received a scholarship from the Italian Consulate to continue his studies in Italy. Subsequently, the Department of Art and Humanities of Rosario sponsored his attendance at Fine Arts courses in Italy, Spain, and France. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the artist has shown his works in Europe and South America, with considerable success. He has worked with numerous theatre groups in Argentina on set designs. At present, he is working and living in Rome, where, among other projects, he has designed for RAI, the Italian Radio and Television Network. His works have taken their place among prestigious public and private collections on an international level.

He has gone through various periods, from figurative to informal painting, basing his works on literary and subjects and existing landscapes in order to arrive at metaphysical themes. His interest in social questions has never ceased. In this era of unbridled globalisation, this subject is of utmost importance. In his work, he starts off with pencil and oil and is presently using a mixed technique in which pastels dominate.

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